Public Health Law Association (PHLA) - Promoting healthy people and healthy communities through dialogue, partnerships, education, and research in public health law and policy.

Founded in 2003 as non-profit, membership organization, PHLA is for everyone who shapes, uses, teaches, studies or conducts research in the highly dynamic field of public health law and policy. Law is fundamental to the origin, understanding, and delivery of public health services. Law improves the likelihood that citizens nationally and globally can lead healthy, long, and productive lives. Better understanding of the law, government, the policy-making process, and the role of attorneys can in turn improve the public's health.

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 2010 PHLA Awards ~ Thanks to everyone who submitted nominations for the 2010 PHLA Awards. This year's recipients are:

Professor Wendy Parmet, Northeastern University School of Law, Distinguished Academic Achievement in Public Health Law, Research, and Policy

Brooke Courtney, Center for Biosecurity, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Emerging Leaders in Public Health Law.

Richard Jackson, Chair, Department of Environmental Sciences, UCLA School of Public Health, Public Health Law Life Time Achievement.

PHLA award recipients were honored at the PHLA reception at the ASLME/PHLA national public health law conference on Sept. 13, 2010 in Atlanta, GA.  

Our current PHLA Newsletter - "PHLA Reporter" (June 2010) is now available.