For the benefit of our members and other interested individuals, PHLA provides links below to a series of documents and materials in public health law and policy available online through various public and private entities. These resources are organized under several subcategories (Model Acts, MOUs, Reports, and Presentations). The web links below connect users to specific locations of these documents or tools through their existing, online hosts. Credit and source information concerning each document are provided through the link for each resource.

Please note that PHLA offers these links for informational and reference purposes only. PHLA does not endorse the specific content of any document or tool, nor support their use in any specific jurisdiction.

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Sample Documents

Reports Presentations


Model Acts

  1. The Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act (UEVHPA)
  2. The Turning Point Model State Public Health Act (Turning Point Act)
  3. The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA)
  4. The Model State Public Health Privacy Act
  5. Model Immunization Statute
  6. The Right to Refuse Treatment Model Act
  7. Model California Ordinance Prohibiting Self-Service Displays of Tobacco Products
  8. Findings for a Model Ordinance Requiring Menu Labeling at Chain Restaurants
  9. Ordinance prohibiting smoking in public parks A Model Handgun Safety Standard Act



  1. State of Washington Hospital Emergency MOU Template
  2. Northwest Region Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care Council Model MOU for Personnel Sharing During a Disaster
  3. Model Memorandum of Understanding Between Hospitals during Declared Emergencies
  4. Model Hospital Mutual Aid Memorandum of Understanding
  5. MOU Between Hospitals for Transfer and Examination of Victims of Sexual Assault
  6. MOU Between Animal Control Units and Hospitals Regarding Cases of Rabies
  7. MOU Between Hospitals for Transfer of Patients in Emergency Situations
  8. MOU for Hospital and Organ Donation Bank
  9. MOU Between Hospital and Health Plan for Treatment of the Mentally Disabled
  10. MOU Between the State and a Trauma Provider Regarding Online Medical Direction
  11. MOU Describing Relationships and Roles Between Insurance Company, Hospital System, and State Health Board
  12. MOU for Tuberculosis Clinical Services


  1. Texas MOU for Use of Facilities for Mass Immunizations in Case of Public Health Emergency
  2. Memorandum of Understanding between the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
  3. MOU for Food Safety Inspections of Public Schools
  4. MOU Between Oregon Dept. of Education and  Office of Mental Health re: Coordination or Mental Health and Education Services
  5. MOU Between Dept. of Health and Dept. of Education re: School Health Services
  6. MOU Between Schools and Government for Reporting of Abuse and Neglect

Laboratory Resource Sharing

  1. Template for a "Cooperative Services Agreement During Emergency Situations"
  2. New England Laboratory Letter of Agreement 
  3. Maryland Laboratory Mutual Aid Agreement 
  4. New Mexico Department of Health Scientific Laboratory
  5. Division and Colorado, Utah and Arizona Public Health Laboratories Memorandum of Agreement 


  1. Coordinated Implementation of Community Response Measures (Including Social Distancing) to Control the Spread of Pandemic Respiratory Disease: A Guide for Developing an MOU for Public Health, Law Enforcement, Corrections, and the Judiciary
  2. Model New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services and New Hampshire Department of Safety MOU for Pandemic Planning
  3. State of Washington Hospital Emergency Mutual Aid MOU
  4. Central Michigan District Health Department Sample MOU for Emergency Pharmaceutical Dispensing
  5. Model MOU for a Hospital System or Medical Library for Emergency Preparedness Support
  6. Missouri Statute Authorizing Public Health Agency Mutual Aid Activity
  7. California, Nevada and Oregon Chempack Sharing Procedures
  8. Border County MOU for Emergency Response and Recovery
  9. New England Compact on Involuntary Detention for Tuberculosis Control 
  10. New Mexico–Texas Memorandum of Agreement re Secure Tuberculosis Treatment Facility


  1. A Memorandum of Understanding – Public Health Emergencies 
  2. Public Health Emergency Mutual Aid Declaration 
  3. MOU Between United States and Foreign Country re: Collaboration on Public Health Issues
  4. MOU Between State of Washington and British Columbia Ministry of Health for Coordinated Response to Public Health Emergencies
  5. Bioterrorism MOU Between Northern Border States and Canada
  6. Great Lakes Border Health Initiative Public Health Data Sharing Agreement 
  7. Arizona and Sonora, Mexico Declaration of Cooperation
  8. Guidelines for U.S.-Mexico Coordination on Epidemiologic Events of Mutual Interest 
  9. Agreement of Understanding to Improve and Uphold Public Health Conditions in the Binational Border Region of the States of Chihuahua, Mexico, and New Mexico, United States of America 
  10. MOU Between DHHS and Secretariat of Health of the United Mexican States 
  11. Joint Declaration of the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States of America and the Secretariat of Health of the United Mexican States Regarding Cooperation in the Field of Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
  12. Declaration to Share Public Health Information between Arizona and Sonora
  13. New Mexico–Chihuahua Influenza Surveillance Coordination Agreement 

Other (Intergovernmental, Research etc.)

  1. University of New Hampshire MOU Template for Pandemic Planning
  2. MOU for Local Public Health Mutual Aid and Assistance System
  3. MOU Between State Dept of Health and Entities re: Presumed Eligibility of Children for Medicaid
  4. MOU for Exchange of Confidential Health Information Between Agencies
  5. Model MOU for Use Between Public Health and Law Enforcement Agencies
  6. Model MOU Regarding Sharing of Personnel During a Disaster
  7. Agreement Between City and Health Provider for Provision of Mental Health Care to Inmates
  8. Agreement Between Local Health Departments and State Department of Health for Emergency Conditions
  9. MOU Between Public Health District and Local Fire Department as Ground Transport Provider
  10. MOU Between County and Business Associate Regarding Protection of Protected Health Information
  11. MOU Between U.S. Public Health Service and Private Research Company re: Stem Cell IP Rights
  12. Agreement between Department of Environmental Quality and Local Health Departments re: Ground and Surface Water
  13. Agreement between the Courts, State Health Services, and Indigent Defense Services for Treatment of Abuse
  14. MOU for Collaboration between Agencies for Response to Abuse
  15. Agreement to Help Families and Children in the Welfare in Cases of Substance Abuse
  16. Agreement Between Dept. of Health and Dept. of Agriculture re: Rabies Exposure
  17. MOU Allowing for Expedited Services for Patients Recently Released from Mental Care
  18. MOU Between Dept. of Corrections and Health Dept. for Care of Inmates


  1. MOU Between Alaska Native Health Board and the US Department of Health and Human Services
  2. MOU Between Tribal Government and County Regarding Provision of Outreach for Homeless
  3. Thurston County Model MOU for Local Health Jurisdictions and Tribal Governments
  4. MOU for Response to Discovery of Drug-endangered Children's Environments
  5. Generic MOU between Tribal Government and Local County Board of Health
  6. Olympic Regional Tribal-Public Health Collaboration and Mutual Aid Agreement 
  7. Gila River Indian Community – Arizona Health Data Sharing Agreement 
  8. Chippewa County (MI) Health Department – Sault Tribe Health Center Mutual Assistance Agreement
  9. Mutual Aid Agreement Between the Lummi Nation and the Whatcom County (WA) Health Department 
  10. Puyallup Tribe of Indians – Tacoma-Pierce County (WA) Health Department Mutual Aid Agreement 
  11. Idaho Template for District Health Department (DHD) Health Preparedness Coordination with Indian Tribes 
  12. State-Tribal Collaboration Provisions in CDC Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Cooperative Agreements with Two States 
  13. Preparing Tribal Nations to Receive Strategic National Stockpile Assets 
  14. Generic Memorandum of Understanding Between Indian Nations and County Departments of Health in New York 
  15. New Mexico Tribal Pandemic Flu MOU

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  1. The Community Public Health Legal Preparedness Initiative: Building Effective Public Health-Health Care Legal Partnerships (2004)
  2. Public Health Law Awareness Among American Bar Association Members (2004)
  3. Exploring the Future of Public Health Law (2008) - prepared by ASTHO and PHLA
  4. Public Health Evidence Briefs - a comprehensive, updated list of evidence briefs in public health are provided through Public Health Law Research, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation at the Temple University Beasley School of Law.
  5. Major Components and Themes of Local Public Health Laws in Select U.S. Jurisdictions, Public Health Reports 2009
  6. Complete Guide for Local Public Health Ordinances.
  7. Advancing  Public Health Practice and Policy Solutions: Building the Base for a Research Agenda on Local Public Health Legal Authority.

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